Download Lucky Patcher For Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Mac and Other Devices

Lucky Patcher Download and Installation Guide, Tips, FAQs

You will find similar apps for varied purposes and however, there isn’t many that servers the patching purposes. Lucky Patcher is one such Android app with which you can patch the Android apps and games with ease. If you would like to take advantage of the app by unlocking its hidden features, then Lucky Patcher will definitely help you out.

Lucky Patcher – An Outline

Lucky Patcher can be used as a correction tool with which you can alter the permission of the app to let it work the way you want it. With the Lucky Patcher, you can take advantage of the apps and games that you have installed, even without needing to rooting your device. If you are really concerned and not wanted to void your device warranty with rooting, then Lucky Patcher will work for you.

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

You can easily modify the permissions that are given by the application developer by patching. Using the Lucky Patcher app, you can easily unlock the premium features of any app. With this, you can access the same premium features for free. Even if you wanted to remove the annoying ad pop-ups, then you can use the Lucky Patcher app. Similarly, by altering the permission, you can easily get rid of the licensing issues.

Lucky Patcher Specifications

File Name: Lucky Patcher
Developer: Lucky Patcher Team
Category: Patching
Supported OS:
Language Supported: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Need for Lucky Patcher

There are a handful number of uses exists when you use Lucky Patcher. So the need for using it widely varies based on the user and the possible needs are given below.

1. Lucky Patcher is a modifier app that can be used when in need of getting unlimited access to the features of any apps and games.

2. If you need an ad-free game play experience, then use the Lucky Patcher app as to block the annoying Google ads that pop-ups.

3. Whenever, you feel like removing the bloatware or those pre-installed apps from your device isn’t possible at all without the Lucky Patcher app.

4. Without this modifier app, it isn’t possible to bypass the license verification of any premium apps and games on your device and use it for free.

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

5. If you need to play the greatest games without spending much, then Lucky Patcher is needed as it will update the patches frequently.

6.You need not purchase the in-game coins, lives, unlock characters, levels, and more other things with the subscription.

7. Rather, with the Lucky Patcher app you will get access to all of them for free as it will efficiently unlock the premium features.

8. You can not only create backup copy of apps using the Lucky Patcher app but it will also backup the data of any apps, games, and retrieves it.

How to Download Lucky Patcher

Downloading Lucky Patcher isn’t a complicated thing at all. Yet it is a third-party app and cannot be found on any App Stores. It is an Android app yet can be used on different platforms. Follow the section to download it from any device.

Lucky Patcher Apk for Android

Lucky Patcher can be easily downloaded on the Android platform as it is a third-party app. If you wanted to alter the permission of any Android app to access all its hidden features, then you have to download the Lucky Patcher apk on your Android phone or tablet.

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher for Windows PC

You can easily patch or modify the app that you have installed on your Windows PC by using the Lucky Patcher. Although, there is no official version available for the desktop, you can still use it with the help of an Android emulator. So with the Lucky Patcher for Windows PC, you will experience the same features as like its native version.

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher for iOS

As mentioned, Lucky Patcher is an Android app and it hasn’t been made available officially for the iOS platform yet. You need not get neglected as there are various Lucky Patcher for iOS alternatives. Choose from any of such apps until the official launch as to experience the Lucky Patcher features on iPhone or iPad.

Lucky Patcher for Mac

Just like the Windows platform, you can use modify the apps and games using the Lucky Patcher for Mac. Unlock the features of any apps to the fullest extent as it will work as a universal correction tool. With the help of an Android emulator, you can use Lucky Patcher app on Mac OS with ease.

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher for Windows Phone

Duo to compatibility issues, Lucky Patcher for Windows Phone isn’t made available. Yet it is expected that sooner or later, Lucky Patcher can be accessed on it. Until then, you can try using the Lucky Patcher alternative apps from your Windows Phone.

Lucky Patcher for BlackBerry

You can easily download Lucky Patcher for BlackBerry with Android OS devices just like the Android version. When you are using the BlackBerry OS, then you have to go with the installation of the Lucky Patcher alternative on the BlackBerry device.

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

Getting Started with Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher app is all you need when you are looking for ways to take ultimate advantage of the permission of any apps and games. As it is available as a third-party Android app, you have to download Lucky Patcher apk from the trusted source. Make sure to go to Android Settings > Personal > Security > Device Administration and enable Unknown Sources option to install an apk file on your Android device. Although it is available as an apk version, it is quite safe to use.

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

With this, you can download Lucky Patcher apk from any source to install it on your Android device. Now, you will be able to do a number of patching options based on your need. The color of the app will indicate the possible patch options that can be done. Lucky Patcher is a freeware that does a number of useful functions like it lets you access premium features for free, patched apps and games, removes system apps, and more.

Features of Lucky Patcher

Find out all the salient features of Lucky Patcher app from below.

Alter App Permission

  • With the Lucky Patcher app, you can easily alter the app permissions that are given by the developer with ease.

Remove Bloatware/System App

  • Uninstall the bloatware that comes pre-installed on your device or remove the system app using the Lucky Patcher app.

Unlock Premium Features

  • Make changes in the app permission to unlock the premium features and use the same at free of cost.

Remove Annoying Ads

  • When you see annoying ad pop-ups while using apps and games, then Lucky Patcher can be used to block the ads.
Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

License Verification

  • Using the Lucky Patcher app, you can easily remove the license verification by modifying the app permission.

System App

  • You can convert any apps including the third-party as a system app using Lucky Patcher. Any such system app cannot be uninstalled without this patching app.

Backup Apps

  • It is easy to backup the apps along with its data using the Lucky Patcher app. You can restore the app whenever you want with ease.

Move Apps to SD Card

  • If your device is found to be low on memory, then use Lucky Patcher to move the heavy apps from device to your SD storage.

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Useful Tips for Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is one-of-its kind of patching app with which you can easily alter or modify the permission of the apps. Apart from the salient features, you should also know the most useful tips to use the Lucky Patcher to the fullest possible extent. If you wanted to know more about accessing the Lucky Patcher app, then the tips given below would be useful to you. So you can get to know the Lucky Patcher tips just before using it.

1. Know the Color Code

As soon as you open the Lucky Patcher app, it will list you the installed apps in different color. Each color indicates the different meaning and the patch options that can be applied on the respective app.

Apps in Different Colour
Apps in Different Colour
  • Green indicates that the app is registered and has Google Play license.
  • Yellow indicates that the app has patches.
  • Blue indicates that the app has Google Ads and that can be removed.
  • Purple indicates that the app is on the device’s boot list.
  • Red indicates that no modification can be done
  • Orange indicates that the app is a system app.

So, you can modify those app in green, yellow, blue, purple. But be extra careful when in case of system apps shown in orange while using the Lucky Patcher.

2. Get Free In-App Purchase

Lucky Patcher is most useful for those who look for ways to unlock in-app purchase of any apps and games. With this, you will be able to hack apps and buy special items like coins, gems, gold, lives, etc for free.

  • You must open the Lucky Patcher app to get free in-app purchase.
  • Choose any app or game that has the in-app purchase.
  • Select Open Menu of Patches option from the pop-up.
  • You have to then click on Create Modified Apk file option.
Lucky Patcher Free In-App Purchase
Lucky Patcher Free In-App Purchase
  • Click on Apk Rebuilt for in-app and LVL emulation option from the pop-up message.
  • Wait until the modified apk to be rebuilt.
  • Just uninstall the original app and navigate to find it from Folder/SD Card/LuckyPatcher/Modified/
  • Now install the app or game from the folder and use its in-app purchase at zero cost.

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3. Remove License Verification

If you wish to unlock the premium apps and games at no cost, then you have to remove the license verification of it. It is important to alter the permission if you want unlimited lives or in-app money and anything more.

  • You have to open the Lucky Patcher app on your device to remove license verification.
  • Select the app (mostly in green color) that has a license and you wanted to remove amongst the list of other apps.
  • You have to choose Open Menu of Patches option from the menu.
  • Click on the Remove License Verification option to remove it.
Click on Remove License Verification
Click on Remove License Verification
  • Then click on Auto Modes option and click on Apply button.
  • Wait until you see Successful notification for the patch to complete.

4. Remove/Block Ads

Most often, the apps and games come with annoying ad pop-ups and it can be removed permanently as with the help of Lucky Patcher app. By modifying the permissions, you can use any apps as an ad-free version.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher app on your device.
  • Select the app from which you wanted to block the ads.
  • Click on Open Menu of Patches option.
  • Select Remove Google Ads option from the menu that is shown.
  • You have to tap on Patch To Remove Google Ads option from the pop-up.
Click on Patch To Remove Google Ads
Click on Patch To Remove Google Ads
  • Click on the Apply button and wait for few minutes to let the patching gets completed.
  • When you see Successful message, then you can use the same app without any ads on your device.

5. Try Custom Patch

Lucky Patcher is a patch app that will constantly get updated and brings the custom patches for different apps and games. You can try installing it for much better patching experience. To patch any app,

  • You have to click on the name of any app.
  • Select Custom Patch option.
  • Now run and test the app with an internet connection.
  • If there is any new patch available for that app, then patch will work.
  • Tap on Remove ODEX with Changes or Restore option to return to the original state of the app.
  • Click on Apply button to reboot your Android device.

6. Change App Permission

As Lucky Patcher is known for changing the permission of the apps and games, you can take advantage of the features of any apps by using it.

  • Click on the app from inside the Lucky Patcher app.
  • Tap on the Permission to Disable (red).
  • To enable, click on Permission (green).
  • Finally, you can click on Apply option to reboot your Android device.

7. Fix Play Protect

As Lucky Patcher is available as an apk file, most often, the Google Play Store app will block its installation. In such a case, you will not be able to install Lucky Patcher app. So to fix up you have to follow the points given below.

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Just tap on the three horizontal bar icon that is present at the top-right.
  • You have to click on the Play Protect option from the list of options available.
Click on Play Protect
Click on Play Protect
  • Now, you have to simply disable the Scan Device for Security Threats option.

With this, Google Play Store will let you install the Lucky Patcher without any hassle.

8. Update Lucky Patcher

It is not only important to update Lucky Patcher app for accessing the latest features but it is a must to fix up the issues that occurs.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher app on your Android device.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots on the home screen to click on the Settings option.
  • Scroll down to click on Update/Install to start installing the latest version of Lucky Patcher app on your device.
Click on Update
Click on Update
  • When the download gets completed, you will be able to use the latest version of Lucky Patcher and its features with ease.

9. Fix Lucky Patcher not Working

When you face issues like Lucky Patcher not working on your Android device, then you should fix it up as to use all its features. Due to in-app purchase, the app may at times cause problem.

  • You have to try changing the data on your Android phone.
  • Try to remove the last update you have done with the Lucky Patcher app.
  • Uninstall the Lucky Patcher app from your device and try installing the latest version.
  • When the target app isn’t supported for patching, then you might face such issues that is almost un-resolvable.

With any of them, Lucky Patcher not working issue can be better resolved on your device.

10. Fix Lucky Patcher not Installing Issue

When you find Lucky Patcher not installing issue, then you must fix it up by deactivating the device adminstration and thereby use all the features of the patch app easily. To do so, you have to follow the guidelines given below.

  • Open Android device to go to Settings and click on Apps to click on Google Play Services.
  • Just uninstall the Play Service update to use Lucky Patcher app to the fullest extent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Lucky Patcher safe to use?

Yes. Lucky Patcher is abolutely safe-to-use app as it don’t collect any sensible data of the user.

2. Why Lucky Patcher isn’t available on the Play Store?

As the Lucky Patcher is a patch app, it might be harmful for other app developers. For this reason, Play Store has not included Lucky Patcher.

3. Is Lucky Patcher iOS version available?

No. As of now, Lucky Patcher is only available for Android OS.

4. Is Lucky Patcher illegal to use?

Using Lucky Patcher on some countries is illegal. The government has passed laws restricting its download as it decreases the revenue of other apps and games.

5. Is it possible to install Modded Play Store using Lucky Patcher?

Yes. You must root your device to uninstall the official version of Play Store. With the Lucky Patcher, you can installed the modded Play Store.

6. Is there any Lucky Patcher alternatives available?

Yes. There are some Lucky Patcher alternatives available however, they don’t give you the same features as like the Lucky Patcher app.

7. Play Protect says ” This file can be harmful”. Is Lucky Patcher a virus?

No. Play Store will usually display the message when you try installing an Apk version of any Android app.

8. Will Lucky Patcher supports hacking all the games?

No. Lucky Patcher don’t support hacking all the games. It is so as many games are based on internet and use their own server.

9. Does Lucky Patcher hacks online games?

No. Lucky Patcher don’t hack online games as they have their own server and stores the game data.

10. What are the games compatible with Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher supports thousands of games and some of the popular games includes Smash Cops Heat, Monster Defender, Hungry Shark Evolution, Just Shout,and more.

11. Why Lucky Patcher get so many updates?

Lucky Patcher is prone to so many new updates as it keeps on adding patches for different apps and games in a frequent basis. Whenever the patches are outdated, Lucky Patcher will rebuid them with a new one.

12. Why Modded Play Store is not opening?

You have to try clearing the data from the device settings whenever you face modden Play Store not opening issue. When the app drawer removes the Play Store, then it might be due to the unsupported Play Store. You should install an older version in such case.